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[QUOTE=junalo]Me and my fiancee been arguing about the smallest of things everyday for about a month or two. Actually, she argues with me, everything that I do annoys her. We hardly have sex, she doesn't wear her ring anymore, she doesn't touch me, I guess she is just not in love with me momentarily, she says I don't do anything but watch tv and sleep and stuff like that, I've been trying to be active in the house and stuff. Yesterday we decided that we needed some time off. Her father suffered a stroke the day before and she's been really stressed. Last night, I went to pick up my clothes and my firend which happens to be her brother in law told me that his wifes and my fiaancee's father has lung cancer and they don't know if it's terminally ill or not just yet, so I decided to stay and wait for her to show her that I care about her and her family, after a few hours there showing her support. We turned on the TV to go to sleep, she didn't want me to watch baseball cause it annoys her and she wanted to go to sleep, so we had a brief argument and I just went to sleep while she just watched something that she didn't care about. This morning we commute to work together and I happen to step on her, she told me if I wasn't going to say sorry and I told her why, she knows I am, to get over it and she didn't sleep good last night and I told her she looked like *****, so she proceeded to tell me that I always find something nice to her feel better and stuff, sarcastically of course, it's just hard for me I guess, I hate this arguing. I think she is tired of me? She needs a break or something from me? I just don't know how to act, I've never been in this position, probably losing a parent or something? What kind I possibly do to show her that I do love her and I want her to feel that she can come to me and talk and I can be someone that she can lean for support eventhough I don't exactly know what to say or do? Thanks guys![/QUOTE]

Be gentle. Take care of her. Be extra considerate. Ask her if she needs anything. Tell her you are there if she needs to talk. And just be supportive. There are situations such as this that happen in life that she will need you to be her rock. There are times that the situation will be reversed and you will need her to be strong for you. This is not the time to argue with her. If she seems stressed, simply giving her a hug and telling her how much you love her and you are here for her does wonders. Just be gentle.

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