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[QUOTE=Salinas1]There is more here than meets the eye. Me thinks its not only about Mother's Day.[/QUOTE]

I was thinking the same thing. I also like the post from Friend.

I would add...If you want Mother's Day to be speical or any day to celebrate the wonderful mother that you are, my suggestion is to celebrate it w/you and you children...make it as Grand as you wish, you may not change your husband but you can change the way you Want mother's day to be. MAYBE, by doing this...your husband may catch on. (or may not)

Like the clutter thing in the living room...When he chewed you out..You could have smile at him...said, yes dear..But today is Mother's Day and I will be celebrating with the children..It's your day off. :) Funny isn't boyfriend gave me a hug and wished me a Happy Mother's day and I told him thanks, but I'm not your mother..Now go call your mother and give that wish to her. :) I really wanted those words to come from my teenager - who woke up very moody this year - I had to Ask him and then lectured him on the importance of Mother's day for ME..Then I had him work his tail off along w/me on spring yardwork - without payment.

Perhaps you need to ask your husband what his mother taught him or what he thinks of his mother's role and how it effected him? Seems there is more to this then an absentminded husband ignoring his wife on mother's day.

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