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[QUOTE=Mayoya]But I did this before, and I felt so left out. and when I try communicate my feelings, I come across as an insecure person (which maybe I am, but at least um working on it...) You know one of the bad things about communicating your feelings with a person, is that when you open up and show ur insecurties, you feel like each time you look at this person again, your insecureties are reflected back on u...That's why counslers exist, i guess. or healthboards on the net, for that matter.[/QUOTE]

Yes and this is a feeling that you are having but explain to you boyfriend about your insecurities and how you are trying to work on them but at the same time explain how you feel about the situation.

Its ok to feel the way you do because its human and normal. There is a certain level that is a cap off but you are seeing a counselor and even still seeking more advice. Your BF should understand because its not like you are not doing anything about it.

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