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Hi Mayoya -

Regarding your last post - you are aware of you are and what your boundries of what you want in your life - I would suggest then to keep your friendship with your girlfriend apart of your relationship with your boyfriend.
Honestly, it's ok to feel insecure as we all do it's another on how we allow our insecuries to rule our lives or relationships. You have valid reason for having some doubts, not of your boyfriend but of your girlfriend...And just so you know...I have a girlfriend who sounds so much like your friend - we have been friends for 20+years and she is still the same. When she is single, she is always around me...when she is involved with someone - I am not included with her & her boyfriends...But, she feels it's OK for HER to join me w/my boyfriend and our outtings..HA! I don't include her, I am not threaten by her, or insecure by her but I like our girl friendship to be just that and not a social one with my boyfriend. I have many girlfriends but I do not hang w/them and my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I have friends together / couples that we do soical things together, go away together, and travel..We all have a blast and I like the two separate lives I keep - MY girlfriends and Our friends...and He/my boyfriend has friends he hangs with, plays pool with, hunts with etc.

It's ok to have serveral circles of friends in your life...Don't beat yourself up or think that you have alot of working on yourself to do - it will come as you get older and wiser. Enjoy your time with your boyfriend and have special times alone with your girlfriend...

Hope this helps...
BTW...I'm 42. :)

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