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[QUOTE=GirlHarley]I don't understand where your coming from when you say your keeping them apart?

As for the time that you all went out, don't you think your boyfriend was being friendly to your girlfriend because she was your friend? You already said your girlfriend is very friendly and flirtatous so could it have been that particular night, you went aganist your gut feeling that they would enjoy was because your boyfriend was doing it for you and no other reason?

IF they - your boyfriend & your girlfriend WANTED to get it on - don't you think something would have already happened? I understand where your coming from because when I was your age I too used to feel insecure about my relationships and maybe my boyfriend would like one of my friends or they would sneak behind my back...YES, we all at one time or another have felt as you.

How is your relationship currently with your boyfriend?[/QUOTE]

It's going fine. I must admit, if there is anything that is causing us problems, it's either my insecurities that come in the way or my high expectations.

I am learning a great deal out of this relationship. And beleive me, I know that bad thoughts concerning my best friend are all personal issues i have with myself. I must be satisfied with myself, and the next step would be is that i d never feel irritated of any girl's presence, cause simple i ll be aware of the special person i am, and i wouldn't give a damn about anyone else.

I really believe it starts from inside you. then it is relfected on other levels in ur life.

my boyfriend is truly supportive, so much fun-to-be with, and i feel like he really loves and respects me. that's why i don't want anything or anyone to ruin this.

My best friend and I have a nice relationship as far as we are concerned...having someone who's there to listen and support u...someone who's understanding. But she has major family issues that show much on her character. like her constant desire to be the center of attention. This urge inside her wanting to prove that she can get any guy, and not to mention her flirtatious attitude. Besides, she doesn't allow me to get inside her soical circle, like getting to meet her other friends or getting to know her boyfriend of 8 years. that's why i wonder, why should i care about giving her something that didn't in the first place. Before i started dating, i knew her for three years, and she never invited me to go out with her and her bf to get to know why should i care about her getting to know my bf?

thank u so much for ur reply, and by the way, how old are u?

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