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[QUOTE=spud220]I would like to hear from men (and anyone else with experience) what is normal concerning attraction to one's mate as we age. My wife has gained a lot of weight, and, along with being past 50, has become rather unattractive to me. When I put my arms around her, I feel like I'm hugging my grandmother--not exactly a turn on. Is this a phase I'm going thorugh? (We're both 52.) How do other men deal with this? I can't believe there aren't a million men out there with fat, unattractive wives. I feel bad that I have these feelings, but what can I do about them? Oh, I also find myself yearning for intimacy with every young attractive woman I see. Pretty frustrating and doesn't make me feel very good about myself. Any helpful advice would be appreciated.[/QUOTE]

Welcome to the realities of life. This is one reason why older men go after younger girls but you have to accept the fact that this is going to happen. She may not be appealing to you but you both have been long enough together where that shouldn't really matter that much.

At that age there is not much you can do unless you have money for plastic surgrey. As we get older our bodies change and we have to adapt to it.

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