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[QUOTE=eightball61]I havn't talk to my bestfriend in over a week because he called my GF a sl*t. He came back from college and wants me to hang with him every night to try to pick women up and get drunk.

I have always made time for him to hang out. This will be his first summer single and this is my first taken for a few years. For the last 2 summers he was in a long term relationship and always left me to go hang with his GF. It was not a biggie since we would only hang for a few hours every know and then. As a friend I forgave him and let him do his thing because he was happy at the time. But 9 months ago they broke up. He wants me to break up with my GF (8 months) just to be with him.

Now he is my but I am not going to break up with him just to please his jealous appitite. I did not call him for a week because he called her a sl*t and I told him that I wouldn't until he apologized.

On Saturday he calls me at 1:30 am drunk asking me why I never called. Again I stated my case and he said he won't say sorry because he doesn't agree with us dating. Now my mom and her mom both dont like the age differences but see us as a great couple because of the things we share in interest. He is making it look like its the age thing but I am saying its more of a jealousy thing than anything else because he really doesn't have any other friends.

I told him saturday that I will always be there but he has to say sorry and change his attitude. Even if it had to do with the age I don't mind that he voiced his opinion but he doesn't have to continue his a-hole ways.

I am there for him but he has to do his end of being a friend by saying sorry.

My question is am I doing the right thing?[/QUOTE]

If I remember correctly you are about 22, 23 years old, yes? I think it may be fairly common for guys in your age group to want to hang with their buddies and not want them tied down to one girl. BUT...I've run into this problem before, being the girlfriend and my boyfriend having a friend who wished I wasn't around. This friend ended up coming between me and my boyfriend and I still blame him at least partially for our break up. I think you absolutely did the right thing and I pat you on the back for it. He wants it to still be the two of you and he sees her as an intrusion, but he needs to grow up and realize that you two are a couple. When you are in a serious relationship, it needs to be a priority. He nees to understand that your girlfriend comes first. I'm not saying he should settle for just being your friend when you're bored or have nothing better to do, a friendship needs to be nurtured as well, and good friend will nurture it, but he needs to respect your lady. Unless he can prove that she's cheating on you or something, he was wwwaaaaaayyyy out of line calling her that. You love her and if she makes you happy, then a good friend will be happy for you. He's being selfish and is jeapardizing your relationship in his attempt to get his drinking buddy back. Stand your ground and be open to a friendship with him, but make it clear that you will not allow him to make you choose between him and your girl.

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