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I seen this ? on another post.Thought it could use its own thread because it"s such a hot issue.
It"s safe to say that everyone starts out being the nice guy or the girl next door.Most people try to hide their past and not show to many sides of themselves.Also when you first start dating ,you haven"t seen the other person in various settings that can bring different emotions out.
One solution is to wait and see these reactions to the various situations
that life can put a person in.The typical three date and let"s have sex routine
doesn"t allow time for a relationship to develope.
So many women i"ve dated,just trust me on just about every issue and don"t care to find out more than the "basics" about me.They already had the wedding gown picked out in the first couple of weeks.
What"s the rush:1)your friends are getting married 2)your just out of a relationship and are afraid to be alone 3)you live your life thru a relationship
4)you have low self-esteem and you like anyone who likes you because you don"t think your good enough to get what you really want.
IT's easy to be a "nice " guy ,when your in a rush, you can overlook the warning signs people can send you.

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