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How do you not agree with your friend when I found this in another post here on long distance relationships?: :confused:

"My boyfriend recently asked me to move out of state with him and I'm going because thats what my heart tells me. "

So we are talking about you here, not your friend?[/QUOTE]

I don't agree with my friend because her relationship is not a good one. My bf and I get along perfect and we're a whole different story compared to her relationship. I'm just worried about her because she's thinking about moving in with him and she still talks to and sees her ex on the sly because she isn't happy with her current..they bicker, fight, and he cuts her down a lot. She's constantly calling me and crying because of what he does to her. I think she just wants to get married just to say she has a husband. So yes, I'm moving in 2 years with my bf but I wasn't talking about me and MY situation is a TON different than hers!!

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