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See, I do understand. Your husband is your safety net as mine was.
I had a son with my exhusband - I too was afraid of breaking up our marriage and hurting him. The guilt I felt over hurting him because I did not have any sexually attraction towards him, then I starting losing respect for myself and for him - so, sweetie - I do undertand and I do know what it's like

As for your partying ways, the men in your past - I had that too -
Just before I married my exhusband, when he was my boyfriend, I did break up with him. Only to go into a nasty relationship with this guy who too was a controll freak, insecure guy who almost tried to kill me - I wanted to end it with him and he tried driving his car into a tree so he could kill the both of us.
My exhusband is the one who saved me that night - I was so freaked out and would never trust a men again other then my exhusband - SO I married him for that security and comfort - WOW, this goes so way back now, like 17 years ago. :)

Anyway, I'm not going to tell you what you need to do but I can just let you know I know how you feel, your not alone even though your feeling it right now and maybe going back to conseling on your own, talk about these issues you have and maybe you will come to terms on which way to go.

Best of luck to you..

BTW, my exhusband and I are still very close and share custody of our 15 yr old son... :)

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