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ok here goes...this isnt easy to write but I need some honest opinions please...
I am in a long distance relationship with a girl I love very much. We have met alot and have spent a good amount of time together on trips and at her home.
She is currently going through a divorce (they separated last year) which I understand is not the easiest thing to do and I am trying to be as supportive as possible.
I will say right now that I can be an insecure person and I do get jealous and I am well aware of those traits of mine.
Last week she told me that her ex (who she is divorcing currently) had asked if he couldmove back in with her to save money and thus expidite the financial side of the divorce more quickly. He is going to be away about 4 months out of the 6 he wants to move back in for. She has told me that she wants to do this for him as its a nice thing for her to do.She also said she thinks our relationship is strong enough to deal with it and on some occassions she will go and stay with friends/parents so she is not there at the same time.
I am not comfortable with it. Not one bit if I am honest. I dont like the thought of him being there at all ie sleeping under the same roof etc.
What do u people think am I being unreasonable thinking that?
As of this moment I have told her because I do trust her and dont want to loose her I am willing to 'deal' with it.

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