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Okay, My boyfriend and I have been going out for a month. He is 23 and I am 28. I have a 10 year old son from a previous relationship. Right now I live 3 hours away from my boyfriend. My boyfriend lives in the town that I grew up in. Where all my family is. My hometown.

Rewind back to September. That is when my ex and I broke up. In September I seriously started thinking about moving back to my hometown. I just didnt see the point in living 3 hours away from my family anymore. And I really dont have many friends where I live now. Basically I was just lonely and wanted to get back around my friends and family. Plus where I am now, I live paycheck to paycheck and am having a really tough time financially. But I just kept putting it off because I was in school and didnt want to quit. Now I am on a break from school. so there is nothing keeping me here anymore.

Okay, back to present. Now that I have met this guy from my hometown I really want to move back. He is great with me and my son and I really have strong feelings for him. But he wants me to move in with him when I do move back, and I am not sure I am ready for that step. He brings up some good points though, saying that if I live in my own place, he will either always be there or I will be at his place. And that it would be dumb to pay rent for 2 places.

I guess what I am getting at.... is my biggest hangup... my son. I guess that I am scared that if things dont work out between me and the bf, that it will break my sons heart and I will have to move him again. He had a hard time when me and my old bf broke up. With having to move and stuff. I have tried to explain this to the bf, but he just says that he is in this forever and that he wants to marry me and be with me forever. I just dont know for sure what to do. I feel like I really need to protect my son. Or am I just being dumb?

Sorry this is so long and confusing.... But any advice would be great!

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