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Re: Just curious
Jun 2, 2004
[QUOTE=playbunny1921]They were both my friends, but I had asked them and they had not done any thing physical by the time they got together but they had been flirting and communicating in ways that are not acceptable if you're in a relationship in my opinion. There had always been sexual tension between these too and the girl refered to her relationship with him as hanging all over each other. They guy was my best friends boyfriend and he would tell her 3 months before this girl ever came around that he was too young to be in a commited relationship and he just wanted to have fun. Then when his step brother and wife moved in next to him he started telling people he was so in love with this girl and never felt that way about my friend. BUt at the same time he always told my friend that he knew the only way they could ever break up is if she hated him and they only way she would ever truly hate him is if he dated this girl. This girl has left her husband 4 times for someone else and always goes back to him about after 9 months. So does anyone think this is love or is it fun and lust. Do you think they'll last?[/QUOTE]

It's hard to say whether it will last or what their motives are. It seems to me that people sometimes want to make love black and white, and it just isn't. You can ask why all day long, but sometimes, you just fall in love with who you fall in love with. Everyone has a story to tell about how someone promised them forever and then five minutes later they're totally in love with some other person who is the complete opposite of who they always said they wanted to be with, or something like that. It makes no sense. It's possible this girl is using your friend's ex and will go back to her husband again, but it's possible it's true love this time. Who knows? Don't try to figure it out. All you can really od is try to be there for your friend as much as possible.

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