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[QUOTE=CoreyP]Jeff, If your girilfriend was going staying in and watching movies, and going out to dinner, with another guy. (alone). You would seriously ask her who is Paying? I think those are things you do with your Girlfriend. Not some other guy. Its disrespectful and inappropriate as hell. I would give this girl plenty of time to hang out with this guy, because this isn't much of a relationship. I wouldn't care who flipped the bill for the movie.[/QUOTE]

I agree with you 100% CoreyP and I did state in my first post that I would be ripped if she did that. I can understand her having a bestfriend as a male and occasionally going out to dinner and stuff then I cant understand her fight. If she was doing this all the time I would set her in the position to make a choice because I am not going to share her.

And to answer your question, yes I would ask her who is paying. I would be able to tell if she was lying right on the spot.

The thing that trips me is this girl is doing this daily and I am guessing that she has bills to pay. Now, I have a decent job that pays about 800.00 every other week. I live at home and don't have many bills and if I went out everyday for dinner or drinks/dancing I would be making a struggle and not saving much money because I am blowing it . I don't know how much she makes but if she is paying on her own then she must not be saving a lot and not have the money to do the same things with her real boyfriend. For some reason I beleive he is paying to a certain degree.....

Hope this make sense

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