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[QUOTE=Salinas1]Would you say it okay for a married man to leave his pregnant wife to go to a bar to have fun with his women friends? If he goes out with his women friends to [b][i] enjoy the last few months[/i][/b], what should she do in these "last few months" to enjoy herself? This has nothing to do with the baby or her pregnancy; it has to do with his relationship with her as his partner. Delivering the baby will not change how he respects or disrespects her. This is one reason it is not a particularly good idea to play "house" before the rules of the game are completely and unilaterally understood and agreed to.

Say what you want about marriage as opposed to living together, but there is no doubt marriage brings with it implicit and explicit expectations of behavior that living together and having babies as boyfriend and girlfriend does not.[/QUOTE]

Different relationships have diifferent views towards this. His friends are females and you can't really tell from the post of we have to asume they have been friends for a while. If he was just meeting women then that be morally wrong. If these women are friends then what is he suppose to do?

I am not making any final desicions to this post because there isa not enough information to this subject but I am thinking that she is jealous and insecure about him going out. She never said that she never went with him before the pregnancy so I am guessign she did to hang out and if she did and is complaining now about it, I am saying she wants total control.

But the other side to this is that I would feel insecure about my GF talking and hanging with guys a lot but I am not going to have her change her life for me if these guys were in the picture before me.

Its not right for male or female to meet the opposite sex and hanging out with them alone like explained in another post. It is ok though to hold on and keep your friends. Being in a relationship you have to expect a few changes like hanging out at the persons house alone but if it was in public then I have no problem.

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