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Hey GirlHarley, I think your approach is probably the best. It's emotionally draining to wait on someone in the hopes they will change their mind. Your approach can save someone time and heartache. ON the other hand, we are always brainwashed, even by books like "the Rules," that a woman should NEVER, under any circumstances mention to a man that she wants a serious relationship, for she will scare him off for sure! Many women I know believe in this and just tiptoe around the guy, pretending they're ok with what they have, but deep down hoping the day will come when he makes her his wife. They think they can eventually "wear him down." I mean, why would any woman date a guy for 5,6, 7 years? Or even 2 years for that matter? Because she's hoping that he will eventually commit to her, maybe without noticing it ;) Like, one day, he wakes up, scratches his head, and says to mimself, "Hmm, I guess I love my girlfriend. she's pretty and she's a good girl and so devoted to me. the sex is good, and I've been with her for the past 7 years...hmmm, maybe I should propose!?" That's how we women think, let's face it. Very few women are able to be completely rational about it.

About my girlfriend--the guy is definitely very attracted to her, she's a knockout, but he does not treat her well. She pretty much has to go through major battles to get him to accompany her to any family events or special occasions (like weddings, birthdays, etc.). But I don't think she'll ever break up with him. SHe's like Fredrolin--she thinks all the guys out there are as*holes so what's the point in exchanging one for another. Plus, as she said she wants "THIS as*hole." I'm curious myself if anything will come of their relationship. It's kind of hard to watch though because I care about her and would like to see her with a guy who is treating her better. Oh well.

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