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I had the same problem. My ex-boyfriend and I would have a great time when we were together, but had hardly anything to talk about on the phone. We eventually broke up due to the number of times he called me and stressed me out. I felt guilty for not being able to give him the attention he wants, but I was very commited to school. If your girlfriend is a good student, exams, and the university/college life itself is an ongoing stress machine. You need to give her space in the terms that Ruth said...stop calling her so often. She can call you if she feels like it. It doesn't mean she or you love her is a big commitment, and you have to understand it is her number one priority right get ready for life. My current boyfriend and I made an agreement that I would call him when I was done my homework...and if it was just a good night call, so be it. We are long-distance, so phone is our main source of communication. It really helped me out because it would give me the time for school that I needed. In terms of why she doesn't laugh or the silence on the phone, she is probably thinking about her homework. I laugh less during the school year, and I always worried about schoolwork over the phone to my boyfriend. You just need to support her by listening to her concerns and giving her the space to do what she needs to do at home and school. Summer will be least, it is for me!

Hope this helps.

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