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Thanks for everyone findin' your sweet time to reply my post...either if those replies are goods or bads..i just want to say i am still sincerely appericated...i needed those pons and cons to get myself back on track.. i can not do this without you guys..

i know gambling is bad, and if anyone involved w/ any kind of these relationships, it is better off alone, because i kno this is like a diseases and probably will never have a cure for my bf...well, easily said than done...i'm sorry to say, but i am stuck as for now..let me answer some of your questions here.

eightball61- thanks for your replies, i noticed you are really into helping people by reading other postes..healthboard is lucky to have people like you on giving people helping hand. =*) but yah, my parents live 3 hrs away from where i go to school, there is no way i can move back home and drive to school everyday. and if i have friends to turn to, i would have long time ago..i'm not saying i have no friends here, i'm saying most of my friends are in a relationship where they live w/ bfs' gfs. ...i don't know, i guess i'm just also the type of person that doesn't want people to know my personal problems..since i had many problems in the past with my ex's already...=( okay, to be honest...i am ashamed to tell my friends and family i'm dating a gambler!!

makk823- like i said before, i didn't have problem of my bf gambling before, because he seriously doesn't show me his gamblin' side until after few months into our relationship. he was self-employee with a couple of his friends before, and i thought things will get better since i didn't kno he gambles. he was making money back there from his business and he told me he trys to save money to buy a house, so he can move out from his mom's house....and he's dad passed away coupe years ago, and i thought he's livin' at home to keep his mom company, i thought he is a nice guy..and have his resonable reason to live at home at his age.

wordworks2001- um..thanks for sharing your story with me. i'm scare now..i think my bf also has gambling diseases..and i will see if he wants to go to a support group with me, but i doubt it, because to tell you the turth, he dosen't proud to be a gambler, and he doesn't like to tell people what he does for living, he will just tell people that he do home business....*sigh*

britney beers- wow, i don't know what to say?! i guess i am a loser in some way..but i do love my bf and i didn't know he is the person he is today, if i knew in the beginning, i wouldn't be with him in the first place...shiet happens and i guess things changed in time, and i'm trying to find a solution. i do need to finish school, one more year to go, and i really don't want to stop school and move back to my parent's house and do nothing. or find a job that makes a little bit of money just so i can live in an apt. independently? that's not my goal and i do live in an apartment before i met him, and i need to work alot and can not focus in school. thanks for your advice anyways.

always confuzed- thanks for your understanding, and being very nice to me. i do know that i need to move on, but i'm still crossing my finger and hope my bf will change someday, as he said he will. i will give him one more chance, and if he screw up again, i guess i will break up with him.

silver lining- thanks for your respond as well =) i'm still trying to move on, because i've been in a wrose relationship than this before, i don't know if it's me or just boys in my age loves to cheat, that also gives a reason why i decided to date older guy. i noticed there are hardly any cute guys around my area, but hell alot of cute girls...i used to be very picky and only wants to date cute attractive guys, lol... but i found out cute guys will cheat, because too many competitions out there..anyways, my point is, i've been hurt many times before and i know what's out there and i do not wish to go back to that dating sence again if i do not have to... i'm not weak, and i know i can move on if i really want to, but part of me is telling me to run and run far far away from this gambler, and part of me is telling me to run, but i will never find a nice guy like him ever again...

i know many of you might think why am i dating a loser like him?! but i do have my reason, it is because he loves me, although he might sounds like he doesn't to all you. also, if it is that easy to move on, i would have long time ago.. i really really have no money to do so, unleast i work! i can't afford to work right now because i can not fail any more classes, as i am already behind in graduation. i think my little bro is graduating before me, my parents is going to kick my butt if i take any longer to finish school. i don't know, my bf also told me he starts working in couple weeks, he said he will pay me back w/ his first paycheck. i guess i need to wait and see, if he gambles his paychecks away, i will move on from there. thanks!

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