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My boyfriend does something in manufacturing. He is only in Colorado becuase of school he lives in Oregon so thats why my mom helped in out at first because after we met I was the only person he knew. He will graduate in 15 months and then he plans on leaving colorado. In the future he sees himself as a sucessful aviation machanic "giving me everything i need". Or at least thats what he says.

Look the only reason I even posted my problem was becuase I am trying to figure out what would be the best decision for myself and my children in the long run. I am more than aware that putting my girls in a situation that is worst than their present one would be insane but if that gives me that chance to be an employee of an awsome company that would improve thier lives in the future wouldnt that be a somewhat good idea and of course the basement living would be way temporay that would until september that is when his boys go home. Then I plan on moving back down to where I am now and getting a nice place that I have already planed on living in. In colorado it is hard to get any kind of IT job thats why I have been looking since january and that is why this part-time little job is so important to me.

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