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[QUOTE=greatgirl]SophiaM, I was hoping to read from you! You are such a great person!
Yes, it sounds fishy, totally right.
The only thing in my mind (I guess it is the part of me that is too soft and too good) is that I keep thinking: What if he has really cancer and I am acting like this?
Don't I have to feel totally bad if he had cancer and I still would break up any contact with him? Would I be cold?
Or would I just act reasonable due to everything that happened before?
He said, if he had cancer, they (Air Force) would send him back to the States immediately, when now he suddenly says he gets chemo here in Germany.
I mean, if he already considered being sent back, IF he had cancer now, why would he want me back anyway, since he would leave Germany and we wont be together anyway.
And his yelling at me shows that he is lying, isnt it?
I guess I just dont want to think that he could have cancer and me being ice cold about that.
What a dilema.[/QUOTE]

Hey Greatgirl :wave: I can understand that things like your ex having cancer would be on a larger-than-break-up scale and it would be extremely hard to remain entirely cold and logical in that situation. You're right. Well, since he said he would let you talk to his doctor next week, hold him up to that promise. Tell him you would like to talk to his doctor about it. If he refuses and doesn't let you see a copy of his biopsy report, I would conclude he is lying. Which would really be very low of him, like Ali stated. Just wait till next week and you should have your answer. However, if he IS lying about this, you should completely cut him out of your life because that would just be so despicable of him to play off of your good nature in such a way. If he truly does have cancer, you can maintain a civilized type of relationship with him and show him support regarding his illness, but I still do not advise you to get back wiht him. Don't let him play off of your compassion or make you feel guilty because you don't want to be involved with him as a boyfriend anymore. He is not good for you and him having cancer will not change that.

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