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Hey Emma, I know how you must feel. When I found out my boyfriend was looking at porn..I told him how it made me feel. I explained why and asked him how he would feel if I was looking at nude men. And you know what he did? He agreed with me and told me he never wanted to look at that crap again.

I think porn is a very touchy subject. If both partners like it, I see nothing wrong with viewing it together or alone. But just because you are bothered by it doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you!!! Plenty of secure and confident women are bothered by it. I mean, who can really feel beautiful if there boyfriend is spending hours each day looking at other naked, very pretty women online?

Anyway, I agree that the problem is with him, and you need to get away. He never deserved your trust, and he doesn't now. Leave him and find someone who will love you, no matter how insecure you seem, and do anything to keep you happy.

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