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Ugh...okay this issue has been bothering me for sometime now. my bestfriend and my boyfriend [B]DO NOT[/B] get along and right now im just so sick of hearing how much my boyfriend can't stand her.

Kaitlyn and i have been friends for as long as i can remember. she was my neighbor and i met her one day and we were together every since. if bestfriends could be soulmates that would define us. she is very protective of me and when someone hurts me shes the 1st one to be there, no matter who it is. i respect her for that and that is one of the many reasons why i love her som much...because she's always been there with EVERY problem i've ever had. we just connect in many ways i feel like she's my sister she just understands me and shes been around and knows my life history so its easy for her to usually understand where i am coming from.

Well anyways, once William and i started going out everything was okay it was always the 3 of us. Kaitlyn never minded being the "3rd wheel" we were all just really good friend, and have been friends forever. well once William started drinking again, i had no one else to turn to because im parents wouldn't of understood and i didn't want them getting mad at William because he relapsed, so i went to Kaitlyn. like i said before she is very protective. well she ended up yelling at Will, and saying these things about his father, that were kind of mean, but very truthful. Wills dad is an alcoholic too and doesn't really care that Will has been through rehabs and thinks it okay to still drink and do drugs with him, well anyways, Kaitlyn flipped out on Wills dad and now even after so many apologies and a year later...William still won't let it go!

He doesn't even want me hanging out with Kaitlyn, he'll call her names in front me of and say i will leave you if i found you hangin out w/ her blah blah. he's like if any of my friends ever said that about you or your family i would stop being friends with them no matter if we were friends forever. i just can't stand being in the middle anymore. i told him just to talk to Kate but he won't he would rather argue with me about it. there is just no reasoning with him. Kate doesn't even talk about him anymore, if she does shes just asking how my relationship with Will is.

Another thing is Will doesn't think that i've ever said anything to Kate about how she acted that day while bad mouthing his dad. he doesn't realize that i freaked out on her, because even if it was the still was disrespectful. well my relationship with Kate is slowly dying because its so hard for me to juggle both of my relationships the one with her and the one with Will. im just so sick of being in the middle. Will even told me once that if we ever got married that Kate couldn't be in out wedding. i completely freaked, i mean even though Will and i have had our problems i really would love to marry him for not for a looooong time...but for him to say that i can't have my bestfriend in my wedding too was just completely stupid. i just get to angry when he brings her up, because its not like hes doing anything to make their relationship better, he things that she should apologize...even though she has repeatedly and at one point he was okay and now hes back to being stupid about her again.

i guess i just really needed to vent about this...if anyone could give me some advice about this seriously and annoying problem that would be great, because im at the point where i just don't even want to be around my boyfriend when he gets like this, he knows how it makes me feel when he starts callin her names and brings up stuff that happened a year ago. i just wish we could all be friends again and happy and i would have to stop sneaking around on him just to talk to her and see her. its completely stupid and im so sick of it!..ok im for listenin! :mad:

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