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ill try to make iot short as possible

ive been seein my gf for over 3 years now and she has done some things to make me not trust her and has lied alot. now, i know i wont be able to trust another woman again and i have trouble trusting anybody now so i figured i made as well stay with her to try to work things out instead of meeting somebody else and not being close cuz i wont be able to trust her.

so i know i wont last long with another woman cuz i wont be able to trust how can i get my "gf" to realize how important it is to tell the truth?

i was talkin to her and she said if i were to ask her to marry me then things would change. she said she wouldnt even talk to another guy cuz things would change. so the message i got from this was she thinks its ok to do a little more then talk with other guys cuz we arent married. so, should i just buy her a ring for a few hundred dollas and ask her to marry me to see if things change? money isnt an issue since i bring home $500/wk and i have no bills. is it worth a try?

im so stupid for not letting go of her but i know if i do then i wont even start dating for a loooong time afterwards and i dont wanna wait till im 30 be4 i have a kid. i wanna be 30 with a 10 year old kid so im young enuf to do alot of stuff with him.

latest thing that i didnt like was she went to her friends house. this is her story at first as to wut happened: she called her friend and they met halfway to her house and they just worked on gettin her freind unpacked and there was only girls there. then she slept over at her friends house cuz she didnt have a ride home (i dont have a car yet and she had no money for a cab which was true). so she just waited till the next day and came home after spendin more time with her friend.

now the story from the guy that she was seein for 1 1/2 weeks while we were seperated cuz he actually called me to tell me this: he said that him and my gf's friend met her halfway and they went back to her house and she told them that all my gf's stuff was packed and she was leaving me. so the guy said he figured he would try seeing her again so he told her how much he loves her and they were making out but did nuttin more and he lent her money (i looked through all my gf's stuff after talkin to him and couldnt find none). he also said she is seein some other guy and if he sees him hes gonna knock him out (doesnt make sense i dont think). also, that she is only stayin with me until august wen she plans on movin in wit the other guy.

now my gf's 2nd story after i was done talking to him: she was there and he and a friend just showed up and he told her that he loves her and wants to be with her but she told him that she wasnt ready for this and then he kissed her on the forehead but she told him to stop. she says she has no clue wut money he is talking about and that she is only friends with the other guy cuz they met in counselling.

wut u guys think about that?

oh ya and wen she got back here she told me to tell any of her friends in that group to never call again or id call the cops. she says that her friends want her to be with this other guy cuz he is "so nice" (lol he seriously does coke and pills but anyways).

so im lookin at it 2 ways.

1) she is lying about kissin that guy and seeing that other guy as well and is just stayin wit me until the other guy asks her to move in with him.

2) she is telling the truth about her friends sayin the other guy is better for her and this guy is just tellin me this stuff so that i will dump her so that she will be single for him. cuz i really dont think that he would call me to tell me this unless he really did want us to break up.

she still hasnt called any of those ppl in that group of friends since last friday wen she was there and she usually talks to them every day....

now i dont know if i should be mean to her and not have sex with her, be nice to her, etc or be real nice to her and make her real happy and dont fight at all so she will see we can be together.

wut do i do?!?!?!?!?!?!!?


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