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Ugh...i am so :mad: ANGRY:mad: right boyfriend is driving me he is just so dumb. my mom is gettin married in a few weeks its not a big wedding or anything but i need to buy a dress. im buying it myself no help from anyone and my boyfriend is complaing because he has NOTHING to wear ( i swear he is worse then a girl when it comes to clothes) i told him he has pants he could wear those and i would try to find him a nice shirt and tie...then he complains because the wedding is outside and he doesn't want to wear black pants because he will be hot and his green pants are a WINTER color...ugh i work like 2-4 days a week i have to pay for my own things..that i wanna buy with my own money..but he feels that i should be able to get him something because he has to use his money to pay rent car insurance etc. then he tells me he doesn't have any shoes to wear hes expecting me to buy him shoes too...well anyway he basically just told me that i should get more hours at my job so i can get more money...he just wants me to have more money so i can buy him more things. i have done so much for that kid. i give him money all the time. but he thinks just b/c i live w/ my grandma that i don't need my paycheck for anything. my child support is going towards my car insurance and i live here for free. it just makes me so ANGRY that he is ungreatful for all the things i do give him. i just hung up the phone on him (which probably wasnt the best idea) but i just can't stand him telling me i should get another job or get more hours! he thinks just because i live with my grandma my life is so easy because i don't have that many responsibilities. ugh i just don't's weird right after i got off the phone i signed online to come here and just vent. for some reason i feel like writing on here actually helps...thank you all so much for listening and those of you who respond back to me! i don't know if my just overreacting to this whole situation and maybe being unreasonable but im just sick of him expecting that i will always pay for things for him...he still owes me $70 which i will probably NEVER see and now he wants me to buy him cloths for my moms wedding...ugh i don't know! :mad::mad::mad:

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