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Ok, I gave it some thought and I'm not going to throw any stones or what have you - I guess my situation is totally different from the post. I do mark my calender for my birthday - so my boyfriend whom I live with can't possibily forget :p's not to remind HIM it's to remind my dear lovely son who is at an AGE where he can READ, Write, text message people, use Instant message, and KNOW how to make a Bday card on the computer for his lovely mom! AND he still forgets :rolleyes: LOL :)
and on top of that, my boyfriend and I have a ritual of going away for our birthdays -

SO, for the POST - yeah, I would be upset in your situation - but please don't be too upset since - YOU are going to see him in a few days for your birthday and who knows - he may have a lovely surprise for you.

Have a Great, Fun, Trip, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :bouncing:

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