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hi mouse,
i think it's almost rather my husband went out and had a physical affair rather than an emotional one. Sex can just be a fleeting moment but emotions are there for awhile. Thats just my opinion though. I think peoples views on the whole cyber thing vary, i suppose is all depends on your tolerance of cheating and what you consider offensive. Now if you are just talking and are being innocent enough, no cyber sex, no talk of being together etc. then that should be okay. Just because you are married doesn't mean you cannot have friends of the opposite sex, its all in how you act within that friendship that matters. Meeting up with this person in secret suggests wrong doing and if it's truly just friendship plz don't hide it from hubby so as to not give him reason to be jealous. Does the hubby know about the meetings and is he okay with this? More importantly are you sure (within yourself) that this is innocent and NOT the beginning of an affair? Can you honestly say to yourself and hubby that there is no more than friend feelings towards this man?
I myself have talked to many men on the net, i'm very open and are willing to talk about anything with anyone. But never once did my emotions stray from the DH. And thats where you yourself have to kind of decifer where it may or may not be not so innocent anymore.
So, i say its cheating if it's sex bantor back and forth, emotion riddled conversations about being together etc. I think its okay though if it's normal talk you'd have with say a neighbor. Computer or no computer, emotions are real and it takes the emotions of that person to type on the computer. I am not one of those who believe computer sex, dating etc is all fantasy. I dont believe in that fantasy hogwash because it takes a person to type and a person has feelings. Thats MO though and not everyone will agree. :bouncing:

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