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[QUOTE=always confuzed]Well, to start off it's obvious what is going on here. He is not only getting best of both worlds, he's hurting 2 people in the process. IMO this guy isn't even worth your friendship. What kind of friend would play another friend knowing he is still sleeping with someone else? That doesn't sound the kind of friend i would want. I'd leave the snake and put as much distance as possible between the two of you. I wouldn't be friends with him, in fact i wouldn't even talk to him again...someone who burn you such as he did isn't worth your time as friends or anything else. Nobody deserves that kind of treatment. :bouncing:[/QUOTE]

I've gotta agree. Like I said before, if he's telling the truth, he's still a pretty sick puppy choosing to live in a situation like this, and he's weak and has no respect for you. If he's lying, he's probably the biggest jerk I've ever heard of on this board, or almost anywhere else (I do know a guy who pulled something similar. He had a really sweet girlfriend I'll call Shelly that he wanted but couldn't decide if he really loved her. He had another girl from back home come out to visit him, I'll call her Carla, and told Shelly that Carla was coming, but that she was an ex and he no longer felt anything for her, but she still loved him. He told Shelly that if Carla saw her, she'd get upset and that would upset his mother who was also spending time at his house during Carla's visit, so Shelly was to stay away for the 10 days Carla was there. Of course the whole thing was cow puckies. He spent 10 days going out on the town and having sex with Carla while Shelly stayed away, and his mother never did come visiting. Carla knew about Shelly and was conflicted about sleeping with her old/sort-of/ sometimes/ maybe-might-still-be in-love-with boyfriend when she knew he had another girl. She even told me "I'm so stupid." but she did it anyway. Every day I still live with the guilt of not having told Shelly all this was going on. It hurts me to know she was played like that, but I was under pressure from this guy, who was my boyfriend's roommate, and under pressure from my boyfriend to not make waves and keep my mouth shut. But you'd be amazed at the lies and plays guys can run.) Fortunately Shelly finally kicked him to the curb and married a really great guy. This guy is still single and looking and regrets not having been better to Shelly, and still can't be faithful to save his life. He told me after they broke up that he would like to be friends with Shelly but it's fine if she couldn't "handle" it. He didn't understand that it wasn't a matter of her handling it, but rather a matter of, why on earth would she want to be "friends" with someone who was so clearly never her friend to begin with? Someone who lies to you, plays you, uses, and disrespects you, is no friend. You need to put on your walking shoes and keep walking, and never contact this guy again. This is a very toxic situation and the faster and further you get away from it, all the better for you.

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