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[QUOTE=HannahUK] And then he said that he wanted to attend another show a couple of months later. Now, I know I KNEW about it, which makes it more acceptable, but out of human decency I thought he wouldn't even discuss it because I was so mad about the last time. if I'd hurt him as much as he hurt me I wouldn't even consider it! I'm beginning to wonder if he's just a twit who doesn't understand empathy, because he really doesn't know he's doing anything wrong until I explain it from my POV and then he admits he can see where I'm coming from. but he never apologises.

Sorry for the moaning guys! why are men so mean? I've never met a thoughtful man. What happened to a nice woo and a bit of romance?

The frustration![/QUOTE]

Wow, It's really hard to advise in these situations because there may be a whole bunch more to the story that there just isn't room for here, but all I can say is, if it were me, first, I'd say to myself, first of all, this lady wanted "support" because she didn't want to go by herself. So your boyfriend took it upon himself to be this lady's date the day before Valentine's day and whoops, just didn't tell me about it. Second, what possible reason does this man have for wanting to go to another lingerie fashion show? Is he in fashion? Is he going to buy you some nice lingerie? I doubt it. Read: rich man's strip club. If this had happened to me, I don't know if I'd dump him outright, but he most definitely would have some 'splainin' to do. To not call you on Valentine's Day was bad. To not call you because he was out with another woman, no matter what the reason, what out and out thoughtless and disrespectful. To refuse to see you for the rest of the day because whoops, I forgot a present and I don't want to look or feel dumb, not only cheeky, but sounds like a lie to me. I'd be very very upset. I'd put my foot down and say if you must go to this second fashion show, I go with you, or you can do everything you do without me from that day on. And he'd be in trouble if he forgot my birthday or the next important holiday coming up. If I may ask, Valentine's day was almost half a year ago. Why the delay in asking? Is it because of this second fashion show coming up?

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