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Well where do I start? I got married a year ago after discovering I was pregnant. It has been a great marriage so far and we had our little boy 4 months ago. I am 21 and my husband is 22. The problems have been with his parents mostly. They are very religous wealthy family as opposed to mine. I am 1/2 spanish which I feel also had a negative impact. I remember after they met me I was leaving utah to fly back to maryland (my home) for the summer break. Even though they knew I was his girlfriend they were hatching plans to hook him up with some girls from around here. I was kinda upset and felt like they must not like me. The girls they wanted to hook him up with were involved in dentristy (my husbands entire family are dentists).

Anyways, my husband (boyfriend at the time) flew out to Maryland to visit me and thats when I became pregnant. When his parents found out they were furious yet agreed to help anyways. Well they are still obviously holding a grudge even though it was a year ago and my husbands life has not really changed. He is still going to dental school this fall and did well in school last semester. If anyone's life has changed it has been mine. I had to leave my home to live out here, drop out of college, and stop working to take care of our child, and the worst part is all my friends are back in Maryland. I am just happy we have such a good marriage but apparently it isn't enough.

The worst part has been having to live with his parents during the summer. Went through hell last summer and now I am reliving it again until school starts in the fall. They always seem to like us much less when we are living with them. They treat us like kids and make decisions for us and expect us to do everything they say. We are always getting blamed for every little thing and criticized constantly. His family is really big on "squared away" families stuff like that. Just because my family isn't perfect, wealthy, and religous I guess I am a bad apple, even though I have made an effort to be extra nice and polite all the time. My husband's brother said most of these problems stem from the way we got together. I thought everyone would be over it by now but it is still an issue. Will it ever end?

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