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Hi everybody Well lemme start off by saying that I havent had much luck with realtionships ad guys ever, I came out of a 11 month realtionship and for some reason I decided to try gurls this time instead of guys, I thought I would get a long with a girl better. So I met this gurl online and we started dating , she is really pretty and I like her a lot, we only been dating for about a weeks or so, but yester I went to pick her up so we could chill with some of my friends and we started drinking by the middle of the night she told me that she liked me alot and all but that she liked my other(guy) friend too...I am so confused I do not want her to go out with him , not only because I like her but because I know that he is a player, she told me that shw was gonna try to see if things between them too could work out , and that If I really cared about her that when she came back to me, if it didnt work out I would stil take her back.. I probably would, but I dont wanna loose her now...I dont know why I been crying all morning, I havent been able to sleep, and I only been with her for a week... please help me!!!!!!!!

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