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If she asks you questions about yourself or tries to make conversation. Acts a little uptight/nervous when she talks to you. Or if her friends pointedly bring up her name in conversations with you.

Thing is, I don't think most women want to "pursue" a guy they like. They seem to prefer to keep it a secret and instead have the guy pick them out of the crowd. It sucks, and it makes you wonder how many women get to actually go out with the guys they like.

It's always about 5 years later when they're way out of the picture that one her friends says "Oh do you remember that hot girlfriend of mine? She really liked you" ACK.

LOL I just noticed you said DISintereted. Oh well. I'd think you could figure that out on your own if you've tried to ask her out...
many times if a guy asks a girl out on a date or to get together a girl won't say no right away but make excuses. Like if you ask her out she may say ok and then come up with an excuse later, or make an excuse right on the spot. This would carry on more than once if she isn't interested. Or if she says I will call you and never does that is a good hint. Also I really don't understand why you guys do this sometimes... If you call a girl and leave a message wait for her to call you back!!! Don't leave like 10 messages on her cell phone and wonder why she isn't calling you back! Also even if you don't leave a message, cell phones have caller Id and she is gonna know it was you if the cell phone rang a while and nobody answered. Hope this helps.
The only thing you should do is try asking a girl you're interested in out. If she just says no without giving you a reason why that should be it. If she gives you a good reason why she can't try again later. If it's still no then wait until she asks you out. What does a guy do when they're not interested in dating a girl who asks them out? I know it was always the guy who asked the girl but things have changed. A girl can ask a guy out.
[QUOTE=lamal3]Alright I think everybody should know what are the signals girls usually give when she show's disinterest in a guy. Girls out there can you give some explicit examples? I would like to know because it would give me clues and other guys out there who are clueless.[/QUOTE] Is this or us to know or for you ;)
[QUOTE=eightball61] Is this or us to know or for you ;)[/QUOTE]

Actually it's both everybody silly. :P What makes you think that way?
[QUOTE=lamal3]Actually it's both everybody silly. :P What makes you think that way?[/QUOTE]

Well this is mostly aimed towards the girls and I wouldn't be much help so I want to sit mack and see what they say :D
What is she sick with? If it is something serious then I guess that makes sense why she wouldn't call you . If it is just a cold/flu then she should call if she likes you. Hmmm are you sure she is sick? That sounds like a good girly excuse right there to end contact! I wonder if I've used that excuse before ;)
[QUOTE=lamal3]Ok she emailed me instead of calling me so that was kind of a relief. She apologized to me that she didnt' call me over this weekend. She's told me that she's really depressed with things in her life and that's the kind of reason she told me she is sick. I think it could be serious right if someone is depressed for such a time? She told me that "she doesn't want to hang out with someone right now." What kind of responce is that? I don't know what to think of it right now. By the sound of her tone it doesn't appear that she is not disinterested in me but I could be wrong. I mean does this mean we are broken up or we aren't? I'm afraid that if I ask her too much it'll make her stay away from me. She was absolutely fine two weeks ago until she got sick. This really worries me. :([/QUOTE]

Take a step back and try to act like a friend at this point. She is really confused about something. Don't push anything about the relationship on her. Just try being there for her and let her know that you are willing to talk about her problems no matter what time it is.

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