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[FONT=Trebuchet MS]My girlfriend and I have been seeing each other off and on for about 2 years now, and like any relationship we've had our ups and downs. Seeing as though we live about 25-30 minutes apart i guess you could say it's a long distance relationship. She is the youngest in her family of 3 girls and i've come to notice that alot of the time her parents make decisions for her or baby her. Or even going to her older sisters for guidance to make important choices. I'm an only child and i have pretty much done most of my own decision making, so being with her ive tried to set her on the path of learning to make her own choices also. But lately things have been a little rocky....
i had purchased tickets to a concert for her and we got into a huge fight at the concert. it was over a really stupid reason and i overreacted alot. I lost my temper and she ended up going home in tears because of the crappy stuff i did to her that night, and told her sister what happened. I want to say the worst of what happened was I yelled at her, insulted her ALOT, and at one point i stopped the car and pushed her out and told her to walk home. She was back in the car 30 seconds later. But she went home and told her sister what had happened. After this whole ordeal she made the decision to give me a second chance and let me prove myself. Things started looking really good, but her parents were sketched out why she came home crying but never really were okay with me to begin with, and her sister absolutely hates me. But they had said to her "you can make your own decision on how to handle this situation." Since then its turned into a huge family ordeal, her entire family is involved and convinced that im a really really bad kid. Last night was my birthday and i just wanted to spend it with her. Since the fight at the concert, ive had to sneak around and not be seen around the house. so last night the parents found out that we were together for my birthday and flipped out. I overheard the conversation between my girlfriend and her mother and i heard her say that she was afraid that i am going to physically abuse her and that i was gonna kidnap her and all these terrible things. I dont know what theyve heard about me and my temper but this is really F'ed up and shes forbidden to see me now, im not allowed in or around the house, and im not even allowed to pick her up. she was grounded for a week and got her cell phone taken away from her just because she was with me, and her parents told her that we would never see each other again. Her dad went nuts and told her that if we saw each other again hed call the cops... for what charge, i have no idea but, im just really confused on how to do this. Im so sorry for all the stuff i did and id do anything to take it back. i dont think the parents will talk to me and i just can't stand losing my girlfriend and my best friend... Please help me gain the familys trust back [/FONT]

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