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Ummmm.....what's a "peps"?????? hehe, couldn't resist! :p

Anyway, this could really go either way. My first response is based on my own experience with similar situations. My first love. Dated for about a year. Split up (he dumped me on VALENTINE'S day no less! :mad: ) His mother was the main reason. We stayed in touch regularly and got back together. Dated until I was 19. He cheated on me twice--the last time with a fat homeless girl who he left me for....said he was in love with her. Go figure.

I also dated a man who was wonderful, and was dying to get married. After probably 2 years or so, I broke up with him. We remained friends, but he was constantly trying to convince me that he had changed, wanting to reconcile. It was hard for us to even spend time together without getting back into old patterns of arguing, etc. Needless to say, it didn't work out.

On the other hand, my parents nearly divorced when I was about 10. Typical mid-life crisis crap. At any rate, they ended up reconciling (though my mom still waited until 2 days before the divorce was supposed to be final--just in case--before putting the brakes on the papers). Their marriage today is stronger than it ever was before--going on 31 years together. They still act like newlyweds much of the dad will still take a day off of work here and there just to sit on the couch and hold hands with her. :D

The other exception? A friend of mine and former boss. SHe and her now husband dated throughout high school and college. They were a VERY typical on again off again kind of thing. They spent about a year apart and ran into each other again. Got back together and have been married about 5 years.

I think it all depends on the circumstances, and the people. In all of my experiences, not a chance. But there are plenty of others who have had better luck. Hope you're one of them!

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