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Re: Female friends
Jul 3, 2004
Hey, I'm in a similar situation, except I already finished college. I had all these male friends who were mostly my friends because they hoped it would eventually develop into something more, but when it became clear I wasn't interested in a romantic way, they eventually dropped out of the picture. These are not "true" friendships. I have a few female friends, but at my age, early 30s, a couple of them moved out of the major city I live in and got married, and others have boyfriends. And I am sure you know how women become when they get a boyfriend. Basically they spend every free minute with the bf and ditch their female friends. Now if I had a bf myself, I would be invited to various couples activities, but since I'm single, I am left out. It's horrible. I only have one female friend who is unattached but she's often depressed and moody and doesn't want to go out on a weekend (which I completely don't understand!) At least you're still taking classes at night. Maybe you could meet some female friends in some of your classes? Try sitting next to one and strike up a conversation about the class, teacher, etc. and maybe suggest studying together for an exam? All I know is that it was much easier meeting female friends when I was in college. I will most likely start grad school this fall, and one of the major things I am looking forward to is improving my social life and making more friends. It gets hard with age because a lot of people who managed to pair off have other priorities and sort of forget about their friends. That's why most of my friends are younger than I, and it's fine because we're more on the same page than people my age.

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