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[QUOTE=lamal3]What are some tips out there that can make a girl chase after me? I feel like I'm the one who is always chasing after the girl. Should I call less and let her call me instead? Do girls lose interest in the guy if he calls too often or emails? For a guy like me I find it really hard to control myself. When I fall head over heels for a girl I want to be with her all the time but at the same time I know it's not good. ANy sugguestions?[/QUOTE]

I'm a girl and I GUARANTEE you this will work.

Firstly, get yourself in shape, iron your clothes, take care of unibrows, fingernails etc - NO girl will chase a guy who is a slob!! (i'm not suggesting you ARE like this, just in case you ARE like this!!)

Secondly, be friendly and all, but keep a little mistery - be ever so slightly aloof. If you meet a girl, keep it very lighthearted, have fun, laugh. Don't be all serious and don't hit on her either.

Let HER say to you 'we should hang out sometime' and then say 'yeah, sure' (enthusiastically, but not TOO much) and keep it at that let her then let her mention it again and THEN exchange number - but let her give you hers first.

I'm not saying play games - these are not games - its just all about the restraint. You have to realize that females are bombarded with flirtatious requiest, wolf whistles etc by guys ALL the time. Its such a pain in the *** to be hit on and so, when a guy does NOT hit on you, it makes you take notice!!

Also, if you meet someone you like and you start hanging out, don't NOT call - make sure you DO call her - just let her breathe. Focus also on your life and your friends. Make her part of your life, just don't make her your entire existance.

Being overly flirtatious didn't work for Pepe La Pew, and it won't work for you.
[QUOTE=eightball61]I see where you are coming from and it makes sense, but the only way you are going to meet someone is if you made a move like you did with your ex or the guy make a move similar.

The name of the game is not playing hard to get. If you are not interested just let them know. I have seen my fair share of this where a guy would just get dismissed. A guy would through cheeseball line and girl say " I am not interested."

Girls are starting to stand up for themselves which this is why you feel this way. Times are changing and so arn't we...........[/QUOTE]

I just like guys who are not ALL about hitting on girls. But i'm not in games at all and i'm not into dissing guys (although some just DESERVE a few choice words) I just don't wanna be gawked at, or hollered at, or whistled at etc.

Eightball, the thing is, guys sometimes don't realize how up-in-our-faces they are. They often appear out of nowhere (sometimes when its dark in a lonely area) with that "whats your name" crap and when you're not forthcoming they get all offended.

And when you say 'no thanks' or 'not interested' they STILL don't get the message and are basically following you home and you have to say something harsh, then you're considered a bytch. You just can't win.

Also, guys should pay a little attention. if you're on a train and you and a girl catch eyes and she smiles DON'T assume she likes you - she could just be polite. But, if she keeps catching your eye and smiling THEN maybe thats a reason to talk to her. But don't be too confrontational - don't get up in her face.

Instead, try asking something like "do you know what stop is next?' or ask for directions!! But, if she's short with you or doesn't elongate the conversation then leave it alone. If she IS interested she'll ask again where you need to get to and ask if you're new to the city/area or even say "i'm walking that way, i'll show you where it is'.

Its all about giving someone breathing room and not being all up in their face.

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