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[QUOTE=SophiaM]Hey RosaMay :wave: , I am laughing at your last sentence, but it's true. I'm sorry it didn't work out, but in reality, this guy would have driven you crazy and made you feel unattractive eventually. I don't want to say "I told ya'" however, usually, when things seem strange, they turn out to be strange. Remember the guy I told you about who was acting the same way as the guy you dated? I still don't know what his deal was, but he was surely bizarre. YOu never know, he might have been a closet gay, or just very asexual. Not your problem anyway. I have a female friend who is extremely attractive and smart. Well, her boyfriend is treating her like s*hit and she is doing all the work and he just behaves like it's expected of her. He didn't even buy her a lousy flower on valentine's day, or take her out. Nothing. She's the one who always travels to see him and everything they do is dependent on his mood. She's crazy about him and maybe on some level likes the challenge he gives her, but for the most part she just feels miserable. A lot of times she doubts her attractiveness and desirability although there would be tons of guys who would die to date her. Not the best position to be in and makes me all the more convinced that it's detrimental to chase after men. Well, at least you and I learned something from our mistakes :)[/QUOTE]

Hi Sophia! Thanks for your response :) Yep, that was too strange. The more I think of it, I'm pretty sure this one was a closet gay, looking for a cover up girlfriend. His performance between the sheets pretty much got me convinced.
Yes, I remember the guy you dated, and I think we both are better off with someone else!
The situation of your friend is so sad, however. She must be hurting badly, doubting herself because of this moron of a guy. I just wish something would happen to open her eyes. I suppose words of advice won't help, if she is in love - she probably knows herself this man is bad for her but she can't break away.
For how long have they been together?
Is she very busy? What I mean, does she have time to think about her life and analyze things? Sometimes when we are in a hurry we are unable to think what we are doing, we just react and do not really think.

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