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I am having a difficult time socially. All of my close girlfriends have serious boyfriends or husbands and they are just not there for me anymore.
You can say I'm bitter just because I am single, but it is a really frustrating problem for me. I understand them needing their private couple time but I honestly feel like I have been totally cast aside unless they feel like doing a "girl's night" type of thing once in a great while.
I often feel like this a problem strictly between female friends. Guys I know almost always make the time to hang out with their boys, and the girlfriends may whine but they usually just accept it. I don't know. When I was in a serious relationship I always made time to hang out with my friends, whether or not my boyfriend would join us.
Sometimes I think being in a serious relationship is an excuse for becoming a more selfish friend. Whatever. I guess I've just come to accept that the girls that I thought would always be there for me are a little too wrapped up in society's vision of what adulthood is.
Okay, okay, so this is my dilemma. I am trying to get out and be social so i can meet new people, but most of my friends are now anti-social full-time girlfriends. So who can I go out with?! I need some encouragement or even some sympathy would help. thanx. :bouncing:

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