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[QUOTE=joquiero]You are SO right - girls will ALWAYS put their boyfriends over friends. Once they start dating all they wanna do is be with him all the time. I can hardly even get female friends to leave their house without their boyfriend but guy friends STILL will do stuff.

I'm actually fine about being single right now, I just wish female didn't become so one dimensional once they hook up with a guy.

Come on females - make time for your friends!!![/QUOTE]

Wanna know something funny and so sad too -

When I finally became involved with my boyfriend - my so called girlfriends who were either married or attached Started Calling me inviting me out with the "new boyfriend". I love my girlfriends but boy did that PISS ME OFF that the only way to go out with them was a Couples Night - screw that.....
I still wanted my Girl Night too not just couple nights.

Plus if you know Men - they like going out with their friends and S/O not my girlfreinds and their S/O for Saturday Night Couple Outtings.

I also found - when I was single w/no boyfriend had more time on my hands and MORE available to accomdate my girlfriends scedule to when we could go out for drinks, dinner or movies - BUT when I became involved with my boyfriend - girlfriends would get MAD at ME, give me a hard time because I was no longer available to THEIR scedule! We each had "busy" lives and tried to fit each other's scedules in...LOL :)

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