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hi sweet,

i am also 22, my bf is 32, so when i go hang out with my bf's friends, i am hanging out with people that are late 20's and early 30' i am also shy, but i do have my own close friends...and not looking forward to meet any more "close" bf thinks i'm too quiet all the time around his friends, but is really there's nothing to talk about with them...they are all working and i'm still in college, there are really nothing in common, (if u kno what i mean), i dont like hangin' out with my bf's friends... :p and my bf's friends all think i'm stuck up...but is really i don't want to hang out with them, because i've tried to fit in, and it didn't work out, so i don't want to feel werid being around them...they also make jokes that aren't funny. :rolleyes: i don't know, but when my bf asked me to go hang out with him and his friends, i will rather was hard at first, i thought that we arent' gonna work out because we hang out with different kind of people...but as time passes, we are still together, it has been a year, and still working on it...i guess, you don't really need to hang out with them, but once in awhile is okay....i think it will work out, as long as YOU and YOUR BF loves each other...

good luck~ :)

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