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I am sorry for your situation. First off, do you have any other family or even friends that you could stay with until you get on your feet? I think your boyfriend is very insecure and all the things hes doing that upset you give him a sense of control. Have you thought about going to school? You can get student loans and financial aid so you can worry about paying it back when you have the income from a good career to do so. Would he watch the kids at night while you go to school? If he says "if you don't like it, leave" then let him know you want to get an education and then you'll be out of his hair :rolleyes: If you want out immediately I agree with Reni. There are many places that can help. Have you tried local churches? A friend of mine who is a single mom got a lot of support from churches when she was in a similar situation. What about a local woman's shelter because he is abusing you--verbally and emotionally? What about getting a job at a daycare--that way you get free or close to free daycare for your 3 kids and can save the rest of the money for rent. By the way--I think it is illegal for a power company to refuse power when 3 kids are involved. Contact a local social service agency and they can help connect you to resources in your area.

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