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Pregnant or not, you can't be with this man, period. Doesn't matter how he treated you when you weren't romantically involved. All it matters is how he treats you NOW, and it's not good to say the least. Men can pretend when they want to, I know something about that. they can act like the most wonderful, saintly guy when they want to get you, and our mistake is to keep hoping his old self will re-emerge even after he's treated you like crap for months or even years! Not likely to happen. I had only one boyfriend who seemed like he could have a problem with his temper. I disregarded it as just being "hot tempered," and sure enough, he did end up hitting me. I would not go there ever again. People like that don't change. I can't stress this enough. He blamed me for his abusive behavior too, so that's why I knew your ex would blame you as well. Don't fall for it. And you wishing him to be caught by the police is not mean at all. He deserves it. Don't put yourself down for finallyl feeling like you should be feeling, given the circumstances.

Again, don't think about the possible pregnancy now. what good will it do if you torture yourself? It's all unnecessary stress. If/when you find out you're pregnant, then you'll think about the best decision to make. You're almost 40, so you don't have much time left to have children. If you're indeed pregnant, you might want to think about just keeping the baby. But you don't know anything yet so try to not put the cart in front of the horse. As a friend of mine says, ***** has a way of sorting itself out. Hang in there one day at a time and keep us posted on what's going on. Take care. :angel:

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