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You guys make me cry (only in a good way).

Yes, he gave me the concussion. He didn't want me to go home so he grabbed my head and hit it repeatedly on the concrete floor. The more I cried and screamed, the more he covered up my mouth so hard I could barely breath. My right nostril is swollen and I have some red marks on my face.

This is the second concussion I have had from him and it feels the same. I'm crying so hard right now, I can hardly see what I'm writing.

You know what the really sick part is???? I got an email from someone who is NOT a friend of mine, but nevertheless it said that I better keep an eye on my boyfriend because he's seeing someone named Pammy. Then he wrote "You can't compete with her."

Now on top of thinking about the pain I'm in and how dizzy and off balance I am, I'm now thinking about that email!

I swear, I can't be nuts, I'm on meds! Ruth6:11 and I are on some of the same meds. We are more sane than half of the people out there...

yet look at what I'm doing! Look at how it is now! God, I feel so sick inside and I'm so nauseous!

The only relief I get is when I lay down, but then my mind still goes a mile a minute thinking about whether he's cheating.

I can't thank you all enough for the support. I don't have it from anywhere else. I have one close friend here who just hates him and that's really all she says. My other friend is out of state and has 4 kids, works full time and doesn't have much time for much else.

I wish I had never gone there and I wish I never received that email.

He called last night at 9:50 pm and I was asleep. He hasn't tried today...maybe it is true about this other woman.


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