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Hi, Lisa :wave: .

I'm kinda perplexed, too, as I have always thought along the same lines as you do. I am also of the opinion that true love=soulmate=the right person="the one" Your question actually reminds me a lot of a movie I saw with my boyfriend yesterday afternoon. I'm sure that you're familiar with it. It's called "The Notebook", and it was an excellent movie, in my opinion. It's focus was trying to answer this question, and I think it did it brilliantly. I cried at several points during the movie, and I absolutely wanted to bawl my eyes out at the end of it :D . I don't want to give it away, so I won't go into too much detail about it here.

I guess I shouldn't actually be posting to this thread, as I agree with you, but I just wanted to add something that might help you in your struggle with this question. In "The Notebook", there were two young people who were absolutely in love with eachother. One of these young people's parents didn't think the attachment was kosher, as one of them came from the wrong side of the tracks. So they spurned him, and convinced their daughter not to pursue anything with him. So their daughter ended up getting engaged to the man of her parents' choice (and that's not where it ends, don't worry... ;) ). It sounds absolutely tragic, but it does shed some light on your question: In that scenario, their daughter had a true love, but her parents insisted that he was the "wrong person" for superficial reasons such as lack of money, etc. So maybe, when your friend talks about someone being her [I]true love [/I] but the [I]wrong person[/I], she is really saying that she is very much connected to him/cares deeply about him, but she can't see past superficialities such as lack of money, etc., so she would never consider spending her life with him. What do you think?

[QUOTE=lulise]I agree also that you can love more than one person in your lifetime. BUT I also believe that out of those loves there will be one that stands above the rest. I have loved 3 guys so far. One of them I was engaged to. (...) I think I may have lucked out with this last guy. I HAVE that burning passion, I CAN see myself with him for the rest of my life, he IS my best friend. And all the feeling are reciprocated. I know for a fact that I had been in love before, but this one certainly takes the cake. [/QUOTE]

Yes, BUT before meeting this guy, didn't you think that your previous ex was the love of your life? The one? You said it yourself in your post when you said you thought you couldn't get over him
What I was trying to say to the original poster in here is that if she moves on, she might find someone even better than the guy she's stalking about... it's like if you came here to ask the same question before meeting your current boyfriend, you'd believe you wouldn't be able to get over your ex, would never find the chemistry again with someone else, and you would never find someone so special as he was... but now you're with somebody who you consider "the" one... and that's exactly what I meant...
The guy she tells us about I think he might be the one she loved the most UNTIL NOW... She can't say she won't love someone that way or even more because she doesn't still realize that she can love more than that... I think the baby's example is correct in here... when you have one baby you can't imagine loving someone else that much and when you have another baby you love that baby as much as the previous one, but your love for your first child is still intact...
Also she might fall in love again, yes maybe she won't love that way, but who told you that was the right, the greatest or the best way of loving? She might fall in love and love this new person in a total different way she loved her ex... but still this new person might be the one... who knows?
If tomorrow she meets someone new and this one turns out to be great, she might fall in love with him and she would come back here and say he's the one and that she thinks she wouldn't be able to love someone so much... if happens all the time to all of us... it this wasn't a fact, then after breaking up with our teen sweetheart we would end up lonely and sad for the rest of our lives or we would end up getting married with anyone who would be willing to... and I refuse to think that

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