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I'm 25, my BF is 28. My boyfriend, after 3 years, has only told me he loved me twice. I keep on telling him I love him but he just says back he cares but doesn't love me. He wants me to be nicer and always picks on the smallest things and complains about things like I won't go watch Spider man with him but that movie SUCKS. So, he won't break up but he picks and picks on me and says he doesn't love me and that things are ending. When I cry that I want him to love me he just calls me selfish and says I don't deserve it. But, he won't end it!!! I try to end it, but it's hard as he still calls eventually and he still can be nice from time to time. I dont suspect hes cheating either as he's totally into his little career and works all the time.

This has been going on for most of the relationship. He just can't love me and always picks on our little arguments and says I need to be nicer to him. He broke up with me last summer, found someone else.. and then came crying back. What is going on with him?? He wants me to just give him space and be nice to him. But, after 3 years I think we should talk every day and express our feelings. He just wants to talk about politics, work, electronic gadgets and then hang up. He never expresses his feelings and if I express mine he calls me a whiner and hangs up on me.

I am DYING here. I cheated on him twice and he knows about it. But, escaping his cold attitude has not solved the problem. Should I just leave him? I don't know how to get him to love me. Any suggestions?

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