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[QUOTE=eightball61]A few months ago I posted a thread about my long time good friend and he disrespected my GF by calling her a sl*t. He did this out of jealousy because I had someone new in my like and he wanted to be with me 24/7.

I have always made time for him and still saw her. I never gave up on the friendship and ignored him for her but his actions that day were way out of line and I told him that I am not going to be friends with someone that is going to disrespect my opinions.

I have stated to him that I will except him back if he said sorry for what he has done...Well last night he called my cell phone and left a message saying sorry twice. He also said he didn't want the friendship to be ruined over a girl.

Several hours later I furfilled my end of the bargain and called him back for the first time since it happened. During the conversation we just caught up then we when into talk about her. I told him I can respect the fact he didn't like our age differences and I can accept him to voice an opinion but in the manor he did it was uncalled for.

Since then I told him I want to only love one life she has met my parents and they are cool with things. He then turned back and stated his opinion about not liking it and he doesn't want to know her or for me to even soeak about her. I told him I can't live like that and I consider friends to be open. I again stated I respect his concerns and glad he looks out for me but I never disrespected any of his girlfriends and would never unless it was to harm him. In my case everything is leagal and I have spoken to lawyers and cops on the matter.

My GF is the love of my life. I know that we are young and anything can happen but I want to continue sharing my happiness with her and prepare for the future as if we are going to be together in it. I told him the I want to except his friendship but won't except him being jealous over the fact that I have a GF.

After we hung up I decided just to leave it where it has been. He did apologize but I believe it was in the manor that he misses having me around. We were good friends but he did use my friendship alot. I was a sucker with friends and him. They used me for rides and money back in school. I didn't realized how much I got used till my Sr. year. Today I don't speak to much of them and they don't make an effort to call me. Nate was my last close friend standing and this happened.

I believe the apology was not meant because of what we spoke of durning the phone call last night. Also, he called a few times to hang during our split last month to hang with him and some girls. He know I have a GF and denicated to her and he still plays these game.

I just needed to vent and get it off my chest...You don't have to post anything but thank you for reading ;)[/QUOTE]

eightball61, no friend of yours tries to dictate what to talk about or tells you he doesn't want to hear about this or that. You did the right thing first to stand up for your girlfriend and then for yourself for not letting him tell you what to talk about. Who does he think he is, your father?
Yes, I too think he apologized because he missed having you around or something else "light". Had he been serious about it there would have been no conditions!
Expect an apology with no conditions, nothing less!
Meanwhile, all the best for you and your girlfriend! :)

By the way, putting your girlfriend first shows maturity in a guy, good for you! ;)

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