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[QUOTE=Keb5890]I have a huge problem! First of all I am very in love with my boyfriend and we plan on someday getting married, except there is one problem and that is his mother. I feel as if I have tried my hardest to be nice to this woman and there is just something that she holds aganist me. He comes from a diffrent type of family than I. His father makes a good living and they are able to support 6 children. My parents on the other hand have worked extremely hard and scrimped and saved to send my brothers and I to college. The first time I stayed at their house, I sent them a thank you note for having me, later to find out it was thrown in the trash. I am also alot diffrent than their famiy, in the sense that I am not a very outdoor type of girl. I rather go shopping or out with my friends and I have tried to adjust my lifestyle to fit their family. I just feel as if there is nothing I can do for this woman to like me, she has no reason to dislike me either. I have never treated her son less than gold. I have been respectful to both her and her husband, and there family and thanked them multiple times for anything that they could possibly do. Does anyone have suggestions??? THanks![/QUOTE]

This is too ironic - my relationship was just ended on me, but I had serious reservations about it because of a future "mother-in-law". Let me explain - my ex's Mother was a very dominant, overbearing and generally unpleasant woman. I am trying not to sound overly bitter here :) , but it was a real issue mainly because my ex could not and would not - as a rule - stand up to her. We lived together and her parents live here in the same city and we would see them at least 3-4 times a week. It was always something that was going on and her Mom would call our place at least 2-3 times a day.

Her Mother was unemployed when we met, but then got a job and was really a most slefish and self centered person - everything had to be about her and any conversation that she was engaged in, always came back around to her. I began noticing my ex inheriting exactly the same qualities. There were some other very upsetting moments and stories - like the time my ex suggested and went ahead and arranged for her parents to clean our apartment once a week for money. Well, eventually - it was only her Father that was doing it. Trust me - walking in to your own apartment and seeing your girlfriend's father on his hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor - your kitchen floor - well, you never recover from that.

This is a serious issue and must be dealt with - if you cannot see it working because of the Mother, it has to be ended. I certainly faced that difficult decision. Imagine the fun we'd have discussing a home, wedding and children ?? :eek:

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