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[QUOTE=GirlHarley]Hi Sophia - How's it going? Job is going good.

I was divorced at the age of 28 with a one year old and thought for sure I would remarry either before my 30th ( I was living with someone at that time) or at least somewhere in my 30's and have a couple of more children.
I wanted a total of three.

Well here I am 42 with a son who's about to be 16 - Yes, I'm engaged and will someday to get remarried but as far as having anymore kids - that is out of the question for me - My boyfriend has three of his own and well - I can't imagine starting all over again after 15+years raising my son (who BTW-is in big trouble with me, if you read my post on that thread about Mapping life out).

My brother is a Late bloomer, married late in his thirties and now has two beautiful little girls - I don't think it's a matter of starting late in life or early in life it's when it happens - Starting Over again after raising a family I feel has more pros and cons. I also have a couple of girlfriends who married in their thirties and approaching 40 with young toddlers - Children keep you Young at Heart and more in tune with what is going on in life.

Enjoy the Rock Bands or your favorite singing artist (LENNY.K.) while you can because before you know it you will be listening to and knowing All the Disney Tunes, Blues Clues, and the Purple fat guy? OH yeah, Barney! :)[/QUOTE]

Hey GirlHarley! :wave: Finally I get to see you on board! Yep, yep, one more example how life is not so predictable. Sometimes it's unpredictable in a good way and sometimes not. I'm glad the job is going well for you. I"ve been crazy busy at work and finally TONIGHT, I'm going on vacation!!! I guess most women think they'll be married by 30. That's the magic number. I heard of this girl who, at 29, bugged her fiancee so much about getting married that he finally capitulated, and they tied the knot just two weeks before her 30th birthday. Just so she could say "I got married before 30!" LOL. Anyway, yes, I also thought that by now I would have one child. Not more, just one, how reasonable of me, no? One child before 30 and one after. That's it. But now...who knows what's gonna happen. I am going to grad school for the next three years, so forget about nesting and multiplying. I'm gonna be back to books, tests, and studying. But maybe that's good. I always manage to have a crush on some teacher of mine, so hopefully this time will be no exception. HOpefully there will be some smart, hunky professor in one of my classes to motivate me to do my homework :p Anyway, people, have a great week, and see you on the boards soon!

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