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I have always heard that when one person is cheating they will often accuse the other person of cheating instead. I'm friends with a couple in my apartment complex. The other night when this guy's girlfriend is literally sleeping in her apartment 20 feet away, he wanted to have sex. I scolded him like the dog he is about how he has a g/f that he lives with that has told me she beleives hes going to marry her. Not only do I have a boyfriend that he knows about, but I also vowed to myself that I would never be involved with a man that has a girlfriend/wife. Us women need to stick together. :) Anyway,today she tells me in front of him about how he got drunk on his birthday last night and accused her of cheating on HIM for 3 hours. As they laughed it off I'm thinking--the theory is true. Why do people do this when they cheat? Is it that they realize if they are doing it then their partner maybe doing it too? It really blows my mind. As, for this situation, I'm not going to tell her because shes not a close friend and I'm sure he'll deny it anyway and make me look like a psycho. It just makes me sick to watch him with her knowing that hes not what he pretends to be.

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