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Aug 3, 2004
About 3 years ago I met this guy, it felt like love at first sight. So we start talking, and it turned into a great friendship with some flirtation here and there. Well we really started trusting each other and since we were just friends he tells me how uncomfortable he feels about his girlfriend that he lives with and how bad she treats him. He comes from an abusive family where his father left his mother. So hes been hurt with that. She comes from a family of money and so she thinks shes completely in control of him. She cheated on him and continues to cheat on him. She never lets his friends come to the house or even call him on the phone. She has him as locked up as she can and she always threatens him with money. After being around her I've noticed how true all this is, it really shows. Shes completely nasty to him and somedays I think to myself that she may even be abusive towards him! Even when he talks to me he seems really scared, like a frightened little boy and here hes a 30 year old man. The problem now is that after being there for him thru all of this, we've become really closer and I know he'd be happier with me and I want to help him out of this but how can I when she has such a leash on him. Hes told her before that he wants out and she refuses and the lock down just gets tighter! What can I do to get him thru this?

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