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"I do have one question. On the answering machine, was it a personal recording with her voice or one of those automatic voices?"

Well, it was neither, it was a quote from a movie that she likes. I thought that could be a sign of something but I am not sure.

“Ok...i just have to ask....are you really looking to "date her" or are you looking to just have sex with her.”

That is an interesting question. There are many attractive women in the club and I know many cute women. One of the things (other than the fact that she is beautiful) is that she has a very nice personality. I found that I was instantly gravitated to her even when we were just talking. She did not seem like she was all over me, she had the demeanor as if she did not really want to be working there. This said a lot to me. It was not until we started talking that she started opening up to me but never getting overzealous

“She probably gets hit on and asked out at least once a day everyday”

Another thing struck me as a sign. In the club that I was at, they are not allowed to give out their phone number yet she gave hers out to me. She had to be very carful about giving the number out so she seemed to be walking all over the place. She finely did do the hand shack. I would think at risk to her job that she would only give out her number if she was interested. Now don’t get me wrong I am in my mid 20's and have seen a lot however, my gut feeling is that there was more here than “exotic dancer speak.”

I also have a friend who works at hooters and she said that even though hundreds of guys come in a day, almost none of them ask out any of the girls because they already know the answer. She thought that was really strange. She said the most common question from guys is “I bet you get asked out all the time” There response is generally to go with it and say yeah. I am thinking that exotic dancers are the same way. I could be wrong.

Should a leave another message today then give up after this? Should a wait a few more days before leaving another message?

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